Project S2000: Part 18 – DIY Vented Hood


The central vents and the side vents all marked up and ready for cutting.

To make the big straight cuts, I used an angle grinder with a cutting wheel. I think most people would use a jig saw, but I don’t own one and I was trying to do this on a budget. I borrowed a couple garbage cans to use for my elevated work bench. Remember folks, use eye and ear protection. Oh yeah, no jewelry or loose clothing either. Safety first! On a side note, check out the understructure of the very front part of the hood. The driver’s side has a big flat section. Past the central latch, there’s an indentation on the passenger side of the hood. The reason for the indentation is to allow easy airflow to the snorkel of the air box while the flat section on the driver’s side acts to block airflow. It’s basically a built-in radiator cooling plate in the factory hood. Those Honda engineers are pretty clever.

The straight cuts were super easy.

To make the side cuts, I used a Dremel. I first used this weird end-mill type bit. In hindsight, I could have probably just used the cutting disk. Well, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

To make the bends, I bought this hand seamer for around 40% off. Booya! I borrowed my bro-in-law’s heat gun to heat up the metal for easier bending.

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