Project S2000: Part 18 – DIY Vented Hood


So I hacked some more with this being the end result. I was able to retain the plastic push-tab things at the corners and middle-front to hold the insulation in place.
This is how the vents look from the driver’s seat.


That’s the Whiteline shock tower brace peeking out from under the side vents. The central vent sits right in front of the brace above the airbox.
This is my first attempt at adding tufts (super fancy high tech aerodynamic visualization parts = yarn) to the side vent. On the fender-side edge, I placed one in each opening just hanging in from the side. Then I placed more on the back edge of the openings.

On the central vent, I put four on the outside surface and three on the backside of the bent sheet metal.

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