Project S2000: Part 22 – Testing New Goods and More Intake Mods


My favorite feature is the Wi-Fi connectivity allowing me to properly aim the camera. Of course, you can control the camera through your phone to start and stop recording.
Project Civic EF racer was also out to do an initial shakedown and baseline testing
While getting the car aligned at West End Alignment, I made a slight tweak. These Nitto NT01s required more camber up front than my previous Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s, so the negative camber was bumped up to -2.8 degrees from the previous -2.0. The front toe was set to 0 and the caster to -6.5 degrees. The rear camber is also -2.8 degrees and 1/16” total toe-in is used. Visually, the increased negative camber is an improvement over the previous -2.0 used at Autoclub (below). I still might dial in a little more negative camber up front however.
There are two things to note in the video taken with the Replay XD Prime X. The first is how stable the car is going over the curbing at Buttonwillow with the spherical bearing suspension setup. The second is the lack of movement in the shifter due to the Hasport engine and rear differential mounts. Remember to change the video setting to 1080 HD!
The thing I love about the Replay XD Prime X is its form factor; the slim lipstick/bullet style form factor allows it to be mounted in tight and low clearance locations such as the rear lower control arm; I used the bicycle handle bar mount to attach the Prime X to the control arm. The Wi-Fi lets me aim it easily.

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