Project S2000 Part 4- Taking it to the Track!


project honda s2000
The outside of the left side tires take a beating running 13CW.  You can see the wear on the shoulder tread blocks of the RE-11s.  However, notice there was no feathering at all of the tread blocks!  They handled the punishment without issue, even in the high heat.

One advantage the big low stressed brakes have is low pad wear. Some numbers on the front pad wear: the pads have 13mm of material (5mm thick back plate).  We wore through ~0.8mm of pad after four 20 minute sessions in very hot conditions.  Well, some of the wear was from the bedding process with a couple days of street driving.  If we wear the pads down to the indicators at 3mm, then we’ve used 10mm of pad material.  At our wear rate on this track and hot conditions, these pads should last about 50 sessions roughly.  The pads will probably wear a little faster as they get thinner, but running on cooler days should improve pad wear.  We’d say that’s pretty good!  We know of guys that will chew through a set of pads in a track day!  Thanks goes out to the guys at Pole Position USA ( for a quick reply to our question on initial pad thickness for the Ferodos.  We forgot to measure the pads before we put them on to determine wear, and these guys had an answer for me in half a day!

So the wheels/tires, suspension and brakes all performed exceptionally well.  What about the rest of the car?  Remember the potential issue with hot oil?  It hit 133C (271F)!  Good thing we put in the Motul 15w-50.  The coolant got quite warm as well hitting 103C.  These temps were in the second morning session with 85F ambient air temps!  We spent the rest of the day short shifting to keep the revs down to try to keep the temps in check.

Project HONDA S2000
We were pleased with Project S2000’s track performance being that it is a full blown street car with street alignment settings and street tires.

You might be asking, how did we measure the temperatures?  Well, we have an ARK Design MFD2 installed.  Another question might be: why did you go to the track while it was so freaking hot?  We needed a good environment to compare the stock radiator with a significantly bigger Koyo.  Stay tuned for more information on these!




KICS Spacers


KW Suspension


Global Performance Parts (NA Distributor for Whiteline)

Bridgestone RE11 tires

Volk RE30 Wheels




KOYO Radiators


ARK Designs

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