Project S2000 – Part 14 – Phase 2, More Grip



Two more views comparing the width of the 235/40 NT01 and 245/40 RE-11.

The Nitto NT01s are going to add more grip.  This presents a problem: possible oil starvation.  The added grip from the NT01s means more G’s can be pulled.  The greater G forces can pull the oil away from the oil pickup leading to toasted bearings and a possible connecting rod through the block.  I like reliability, and one method to prevent oil starvation is to use a baffled oil pan.  After searching around, I came across the BlackTrax baffled oil pan for the S2000.

BlackTrax takes a brand new OEM Honda S2000 oil pan and TIG welds in a US Grade 6061 aluminum baffle.  BlackTrax took into account oil drain-back provisions in their design and throws in a lifetime warranty against cracking to boot.  Part of what allows them to offer a lifetime warranty is the fact they will only use new OEM pans; they will not use a used pan as there’s no way to guarantee its condition which may adversely affect the weld quality.  Compared to other similar S2000 baffled oil pans on the market, the BlackTrax pan comes in at a great price (yup, did that thing called ‘research’ again).  Another great aspect?  Made in the good ole U.S. of A!


To take off the oil pan, you need to remove these two lower bolts from the A/C compressor.


On the back side of the oil pan, there are two bolts from the transmission side that need to be removed.


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