Project S2000 – Part 14 – Phase 2, More Grip



These pictures show how far out the edge of the tire sits relative to the fender.  As you can see, the 235 NT01 fits just fine and a 255 would be too wide with my setup. 



DWood at work.  He does nail one cone on this particular run, but is hauling ass regardless.

Phase 2, step 1 is now complete.  I’m really amazed at how easy the NT01s are to drive at the limit along with their added grip.  On this short auto-x course, I would say they are worth 1.0-1.5 seconds over my old RE-11s.  The faster times are enabled by the extra grip of the NT01s.  That added grip produces increased G forces which could lead to oil starvation.  I like my car reliable of course and keeping the connecting rods inside the engine block; therefore I installed the BlackTrax baffled oil pan along with the tires.  Again, I chose the BlackTrax pan because I like reliable, and BlackTrax did their homework in making their baffle along with only using brand new OEM pans.



Nitto Tires


Speed Ventures





What else is in store?  Here’s a sneak peek from Hasport….


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