Project S2000 – Part 10 – Track Testing Revised KW Clubsports and Earl’s Oil Cooler


Traqmate Bridgestone RE-11 KW Clubsports StopTech
After the track day, I got access to the Traqmate and tested just how much grip the tires had left along with the performance of the suspension.  I hit up my local closed course test circuit and did my testing around a set of turns I have dubbed Cosworth Corners.  Doing a 50-60mph stop, the tires, suspension and brakes were able to generate over 1.2Gs of braking deceleration!  This was a full ABS stop showing that the StopTech brakes work with the stock ABS system perfectly.  In the chicane complex, the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s along with the KW Clubsports and Whiteline front sway bar were able to sustain over 1G cornering in both directions!  Don’t forget that these tires are almost two years old with over 19k miles on them.  When the tires were new, they had even more grip.

Everything feels sorted now.  The handling is just how I want it, the cooling systems are up to snuff for the coolant and oil, and the front brakes have great wear, power, balance, and fade resistance.  The car is now to the point where all I have to do is replace the fluids and it’s good to go for any track day, even in hot weather.  The Saikou Michi oil catch cans do their job too; I emptied about an oil quart bottle cap full from the OCCs after the track day.  All I have to do is just get in and drive to the track, have fun, and drive home.  Even the StopTech street pads hold up just fine in hot weather.  Granted, the rear brakes could use some cooling and I hate the VTEC engagement, but overall, the car is good to go.

No tire/wheel swaps.  No brake pad swaps.  Just show up to the track and drive.

So this concludes Phase I of the build.  I’m actually very content with the car as it sits as it’s still a great daily driver and it should be extremely reliable.  I’m tempted to not mess with a good thing.  Of course, the thing that’s lacking is power and torque.  Any modern mid-size sedan with a V6 will annihilate the S2000 in a straight line.  The S2000 doesn’t even stand a chance against Project Tundra with the TRD blower.  With more power come more issues, or as in the infamous words from Biggie Smalls, “mo money mo problems”.  Even more cooling would be required along with stronger driveline components.  Or just accept the reduced reliability of the driveline.  Passing emissions here in Cali is also a major concern.  Well, we’ll see what I decide to do next, if anything.

Thanks to the following companies for helping make this S2000 the complete package!

Volk Racing Wheels – Mackin Industries

Bridgestone Tires

StopTech Brakes

KW Suspension


ARK Design

Earl’s Performance Plumbing

Koyo Radiator

Saikou Michi


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