Project S550 – 2015 Mustang GT Introduction


The Performance Package option includes massive 15” front rotor with 6 piston Brembo calipers.  With this kit alone retailing at $1300, it helped make the Performance Package a must have option.
The interior of the new mustang is a drastic improvement over the previous models. With much better fit and finish. 
The premium package includes the large touchscreen with Sync and a 9-speaker sound system. Also included are some interior improvements like heated and cooled leather seats and sharp-looking aluminum aircraft-inspired toggle switches.


Project S550 comes stock with some very slick performance technologies, which Ford calls its Track Apps. These monitor G-forces, braking and acceleration times in both quarter-mile and 0-60 increments. Additionally, there are Launch Control and Line Lock controls for those drag race enthusiasts. The premium option also gives us a variety of selectable driving modes as well as the ability to change steering feel.


Launch Control       

    ?    Allows driver to “launch” at a pre-set RPM for quick takeoff

    ?    Activated via Track Apps on the LCD screen using the five-way button on

steering wheel

    ?    Driver revs vehicle to desired launch RPM and sets the Launch Control

    ?    Driver can then press the accelerator without the RPM exceeding the set


Line Lock

    ?    Electro-hydraulic feature locks the front brakes without brake pedal input

    ?    Allows rear wheels to rotate through throttle application while front brakes

remain locked

    ?    Activated via the Track Apps on the LCD screen using five-way button on

steering wheel


    ?    Normal – delivers balanced combination of comfortable, controlled ride and


    ?    Sport mode – delivers sportier steering feel and throttle response

    ?    Snow/Wet mode – delivers confident handling during inclement weather

    ?    Track – delivers a performance driving experience

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