Project S550 – 2015 Mustang GT Introduction


The system is built with top quality stainless steel and features a nice Borla logo stamped on each muffler.

The second thing we did was to install an oil separator. We’ve consulted our friends at Steeda heavily throughout the planning process of our build and this was one of their first recommendations. An oil separator is a preventative modification that will help us keep oil out of our intake system. When the engine vents crankcase pressure back through the intake tract, oil vapors can coat the intake runners, throttle body and, in extreme situations, even dilute the gas. This sounded like pretty cheap insurance for a car that will see its fair share of stop-and-go driving.


The oil separator tapped into the stock vent tube on the passenger side of the engine.
After just a few weeks of driving you can see the Steeda oil separator is already doing its job. 

We’re going to enjoy the car for a few more weeks in its stock form and shake down its handling opportunities as we begin to research the best suspension components to meet our needs. Stay tuned!

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