Project S550 Mustang GT: Installing Airlift Suspension Digital V2


Next up was the manifold and controller. The manifold was mounted just above the tank. This controls the distribution of air to each corner. The lines and the main wiring harness get plugged into the manifold. Included in the kit is a controller that gets mounted in the cabin and lets you monitor air pressures. The controller has eight user presets and can do things like adjust to ride height at start up and maintain air pressures during long drives if you were to have a slow leak. 


The manifold mounted in place.
Everything hooked up and ready to install the shocks and struts.

From there, the installation is almost identical to the one we documented in article two where we installed the Eibach springs. The front setup does include new sway bar end links. The stock units cannot be reused due to the different mounting location on the new struts. After everything is tightened to spec, the air lines simply install via the quick release adapters. 


Here you can see the size difference comparing the Airlift supplied end link to the stock end link.
The front Airlift unit fully installed.
Here you can see the air line run through a stock grommet on the firewall and run behind the fender liner for protection. The same location was also used on the passenger side.

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