Project S550 Mustang GT: Installing Airlift Suspension Digital V2


This is the rear kit that replaces the stock shock and spring. 

For the install, we began with mounting the compressor, air tank and manifold. Airlift doesn't really provide a specific mounting solution for these components, as this part of the kit is used universally throughout different applications. We mounted the air tank on the rear shelf. From online research, this was the most common location amongst other owners who have installed the stock kit. Four small holes were drilled into the shelf and the tank was mounted using the provided hardware.

For the compressor, there is a nice spot on the rear wheel well that provided a suitable mounting location. Some owners bolt this to the floor of the trunk, but we wanted something a little more hidden and, given the fact that we also use the trunk for transporting gear and groceries, random stuff rolling around hitting the compressor didn't seem like the best idea.

From there we began running the air lines. We decided the safest route was running them inside the cabin of the car. The lines were hidden under the door sill trim and an existing hole in the firewall was used to get the lines into the front wheel well. In the rear, there was an existing hole next to where the air spring would be installed on both sides that made a perfect location. All the lines were tucked into the shelf for a clean install. 


This is the stock tank that Airlift includes with most of their kits. It is a universal fit item so there are multiple bungs to configure the tank to your needs. Airlift provides all the needed plugs and quick release adapters as part of the kit.
Four Small holes where drilled into the rear shelf to mount the tank.


The tank and the water trap mounted. The water trap collects any water that may be introduced by compressing the air. This trap keeps the water out of the manifold which can cause rust and potentially failure of the manifold.
Here, you can see how the compressor fits perfectly on the rear wheel well shelf. It’s tight, but everything fits.

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