Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 25 – WIDEST IS BESTEST!

front bumper with mesh sitting on ground

When we left the SC300 just about the entire KBD body kit was installed. Now we’re in the home stretch! Rear quarters, side skirts and done, right? I hope so.

two men holding the rear quarter over panel against the the car
The rear quarter is a big, floppy piece and is a bit awkward to deal with.

Because it’s so large, you can’t really see all of it at once, and you definitely can’t see both sides of the car at once. It takes a lot of slight adjustments to get it just right. Bryson was paying really close attention to the detail of things like equal gaps in all areas.


two very long yellow pieces of masking tape holding the quarter panel on the car
It might look crude, but it’s effective.


drilling a hole through the over fender into the car
Where’s Tom? He would be in heaven! So many holes to drill.


installing a Cleco pin with the special tool
Our good friend the Cleco pin returns to hold the quarter panel in place.


  1. Rather than the rubber nut dealies you used to secure the skirts, have you considered using rivnuts as a more fabricated and permanent solution?

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