Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 25 – WIDEST IS BESTEST!
bag of zip ties, tube of hardware cloth, sheet metal shears, and beefy side cutter
Here are some supplies to tackle some simple preventative safety on the bumper openings.

Race tracks are scary places. There’s flying debris everywhere. Little rocks, bits of rubber, and sometimes even pieces of cars. At 130MPH, almost anything can become a tiny missile looking for a radiator or other cooler to puncture. Closing up openings in the bumper with some wire mesh is cheap insurance to prevent a race- or weekend-ruining accident.


holding a measuring tape against an opening in the bumper from the inside
First, measure the openings you want to mesh.

Remember that the poly bumper is floppy!


holding a measuring tape against some wire mesh
Then, measure some mesh, and cut a piece slightly bigger than the opening.


spiky looking cut but un-cleaned piece of mesh
Use your metal shears or a pair of side-cutters to trim the mesh through the middle of a row.

Then go back and cut off every… single… little… poky… stabby… razor-sharp bit.

Yes, you could have used a slightly bigger mesh which may have been less razor-sharp stabbyness. But a bigger mesh means that bigger things can get through the mesh and into your coolers. I used 1/4″ mesh, but it comes in varying sizes. Granted, a large enough object is just going to blow up the zip ties and smash through anyway. But if you expected a little wire mesh and zip ties to stop a boulder, well, you might need a different hobby.

This car and all its failures have taught me a lot of patience! So I channeled my inner zen and got to trimming.

A quick pass with a file or sanding wheel afterward will also help quite a lot. It really just boils down to how deeply you want to cut yourself when you are digging around in here to do something.

drill, drill bits, and zip ties sitting on floor
TOM! More holes to drill.


  1. Rather than the rubber nut dealies you used to secure the skirts, have you considered using rivnuts as a more fabricated and permanent solution?

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