Project Scion FR-S Part 4- Exhaust and Tuning Frustrations


We noted during our baseline pull that our car had gotten unpissed off to a degree and actually gained some power just by driving it around for a few days before John even touched it.  This was a hopeful sign.
Some tuning and a few dyno pulls later including a bunch in a row to see if he could get the car to register knock count John was satisfied that this was the best he could do.  He warned us that the power could go down with driving and time.
When rebaselining our car, it registered 157 whp and about the same torque as before.  The car had gained over 6 whp doing nothing but responding to whatever the ECU felt like doing.  After John's tuning, the car made 161.3 hp and a whopping 139.4 lb-ft of torque.  Note that we are almost back to the power levels we achieved in our first round of tuning.  John warned us that the power could dip again even with his tuning due to the effects of our poor fuel.  Grrrrr.
Our next modification is a header by Nameless Performance.  Nameless builds parts for Subies, Kias, Jaguars and Hyundais although they are mostly known for their Subaru stuff.  The Nameless header is one of their prototypes and is not yet a production piece.  Nameless had tested the header and it made around 10-12 hp on their 93 octane gas.  The header is not a production part and R&D is still ongoing.
The Nameless prototype is made of TIG welded 304 stainless but the production part might have the option of 321 stainless.  The header is almost equal length and is a Tri-Y design somewhat like the stock part.  The primaries are 1 5/8″ going to 1 3/4″ secondaries.  Nameless will be experimenting with other sizes.  We have found that 2 liter engines at about this power level have produced more power with larger primaries so this might be something for them to test in the near future.
Our Nameless prototype had a large metal cell high flow cat.  Nameless will probably have a race only catless version as well.  You can see the quality construction of the Nameless part with its thick CNC cut stainless flanges.

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