Project Scion FR-S Part 4- Exhaust and Tuning Frustrations


The Nameless header also came with a downpipe.  The downpipe had a high flow cat in it for a total of two cats just like the stock exhaust.  The Nameless downpipe is constructed of 304 stainless.  What we liked about the Nameless piece is that it replaces the kinked and restricted forward part of the pipe.  Berk now offers a sub pipe to replace this part of the system but at the time of our install they had not yet produced that part.
This is the stock front sub pipe that goes from the exhaust manifold to the downpipe.  This is the part that Berk now has a sub pipe for and the Nameless downpipe replaces.  It is pretty necked down and there is a couple of hp lurking in it we bet.
The stock exhaust manifold looks much like the Nameless header under the heat shields but the Nameless header has larger tubing diameters, differing proportions between the first and secondary pipes, more equal primary lengths and  smoother bends.
 The sub pipe is kinked to clear the crossmember.
The FR-S is one of the easiest cars to install a header on.  All the bolts are easy to get to and the header drops right down.


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