Project Scion FR-S Part One


The car's radiator air intake is actually only about half of the size it looks to have.  It can't get bigger because of the bumper beam.  A front mount intercooler may block a lot of the flow. The side air intake are fake, just for styling, we will probably be rectifying this soon by making them functional for oil cooler and engine air intakes.  Yes, we have big plans for Project FR-S!


The stock airbox has a big filter and gets cool ram air from the front of the bumper through a large duct.  It will be interesting to see if the aftermarket can get much more power out of the car with air intakes.


The front brakes have a moderately sized 11.6″ ventilated front rotor with a sliding dual piston caliper.  The alloy wheels are 17×7 with a 215/45-17 all weather tire.  The rear brakes are 11.4″ in diameter with a single piston floating caliper.  The modest tire size and grip with the standard LSD diff means the car is easy to slide around.   When we first got the car we were disappointed with the brakes but as they broke in they became much better in feel and power and we now actually like them a lot.



The rear suspension is a multilink IRS very similar to the Subaru GR Impreza.  For a detailed tech analysis of the Scion FR-S suspension system!


The front suspension is a McPherson strut with basically decent geometry.  See above for the link to our detailed tech analysis of the suspension!

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