Project Scion FR-S Part One


The trunk opening is somewhat small, dictated by styling.  The trunk is a decent size but the best feature is that both rear seats fold flat and can be folded down easily from the trunk by yanking on this pull tab.


The seats folded flat reveal this cavernous cabin space.  The FR-S can haul your stuff pretty good.  You could easily fit a mountain bike back there.  We feel that this is one of the car's best features.


Our genuine limited edition MotoIQ license plate frames will be available for sale soon.  Be Them vs Us! Dare to be different!


Remember to call Rick Burgess for pricing on a Scion FR-S, fleet manager of Norwalk Toyota/Scion and tell him we sent you!


So if you are suffering from a mid life crises and remembering the red AE86 from your youth (it even smells the same inside) or just looking for a zippy fun and economical sports car. the FR-S is all you.

The FR-S is fun to drive, it has really good handling. With the stability control in sport mode it hardly understeers and with it completely off, the car is actually very tail happy and likes to drift.  Be careful though, in stock form it does not have much steering angle so don't try inverted entries. The brakes have a firm, easy to modulate pedal and are confidence inspiring.

All is not perfect.  For the serious track driver set on fast lap times, the car probably has too much tendency to oversteer, slowing corner exit speeds.  The car hops around on bumpy turns and the skinny tires don't have much grip. Bigger tires and more power will probably expose shortcomings with the stock brake system.

The worst thing about the car is the engine.  Although it has been tested many times to easily run in the 14.7 range, the car actually feels slower than that.  At best the power level feels just Ok.  The car is desperately crying out for 60 more hp. That would make it a giant killer.

We will be working to make our FR-S something more, something that we hope can go toe to toe and more against more powerful and expensive cars.  Stay tuned, it's a new platform and the aftermarket is just getting revved up but we plan to be right there.



Norwalk Toyota/Scion



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