Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S, Working on the Cosmetics


We were really impressed with how the TOM’S tailights looked.  Typically we’re not the ones into this sort of stuff!
We replaced the stock seats with Recaro Expert seats.  The Recaros have improved comfort and lateral support.  The black Alcantara upholstery matches the stock interior really well.
We added some racing style harnesses to go with the seats. The Takata harnesses are designed to replace the stock parts with OEM type buckles.
A Seibon carbon OEM style hood fit superbly.
The Mines theme Graphics were designed by Takaya Asano. The graphics were executed by GT Design.
Our car came out better than we anticipated and looks awesome.  It is a good looking car.  Although it is not radical it is different than a wide body Rocket Bunny kit.

For car show cars built by non car show guys, we are pretty pleased with how the car came out visually. In coming editions we will be fine tuning our car.  We might not win a car show but our car will actually run pretty good, that’s what we’re good at!

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