Project SR E30: Part 8 – Fabricating a Custom Stainless Steel Oval Exhaust
Back purging stainless steel exhaust
You may be wondering why we are welding three different straight sections. Remember how we bought mandrel bends? That means we don’t have any single piece of pipe that’s long enough for this whole piece. We have to piece together the ends of our mandrel bends to get a long straight.
Weld porn
This is actually my first time welding stainless steel.
BMW E30 on a lift
So right at about this time we got really sick and tired of welding on our backs so we went and begged our buddy to let us use his lift. This is what it looks like so far.
Last exhaust section
We couldn’t find a muffler that we liked so for the time being we just added this straight 3″ round pipe to the end of the exhaust. Once we find a muffler that we actually like, we can simply trim the exhaust and weld it on.
Tack welding a custom stainless steel exhaust
We lined up the last section on the car and tack welded it in place.


    1. At the time, we couldn’t find any decent oval exhaust flanges that wouldn’t have taken away from the ground clearance.

      That being said, the exhaust is actually pretty easy to remove.

  1. Nice work, I was gonna see if you can check out the treehouse racing lollypops. they are smaller in physical size and gain more clearance. Your build reminds me of one of my friends who went KA-t in an e30 and it ran pretty gnar.

    Tip: might want to 2-piece the exhaust for when you need to change out the guibo, subframe bushings, and other rear maintenance.

    1. Yeah we’re definitely going to switch to a heim-style lolipop bushing down the line. I’ve gotten that burning polyurethane smell a couple of times already.

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