SlipAngle Podcast /// Crazy Weather at #GRIDLIFE Midwest

#GRIDLIFE Midwest Festival just happened for the 6th time, and it was a whirlwind, in more ways than one.  Shattered Time Attack records, the best party drifting in the midwest, giant parties in the general campground, and too many vehicles in the paddock.  Adam and Abrin sat down in the middle of the night with the guys from Ten Tenths podcast  along with Johan from SCCA and Shawn from Gridlife as the peanut gallery.  Ten Tenths helped announce the live stream at Festival (GRIDLIFE LIVE), and things such as #tropicalstormgridlife , the new Gridlife Touring Cup wheel to wheel series, and the drama of Trackbattle Time Attack fill the episode.  Silliness, Johan falling out of the trailer, and rambling about finding internet with a fishing pole and a manlift might also have been topics. Thanks so much to all the listeners who said hello, and who support these events, we couldn’t do it without you. You are writing the story of Gridlife at every event, and we’re glad we could be a part of it.

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