Project Toyota Supra Mark IV: Part 12 – Corbeau RRB seats!


Here’s the reclining mechanism for the RRB—pretty simple. In order to allow back seat drivers through, the RRBs won't recline as far as, say, a Corbeau CR1 will go, let alone a factory reclineable Supra seat. This is due to the thick foam you see on the lateral hip support part. But that support sure makes these comfortable! The seats will allow people to slip back on there onto the tiny rear seats. On page 5 we've got a picture showing just how far.
When you order seats, you have to take into account either ordering the seat company’s separately sold seat brackets, or having a custom fabricator make a set for you. Fortunately for us, Corbeau has bracketry available for the MKIV Toyota Supra. The front lever you see is part of the seat slider option, which allows the base of the seat to also move forward or backward to give more leg room.
As mentioned earlier, changing the Supra’s seats and staying within the Corbeau family meant being able to reuse seat brackets. We started by simply removing the brackets from the old blue CR1 seats seen here…
…and transferred them onto the new RRBs, which have the same bolt pattern.
This was followed by a simple installation of the seats themselves. It's just five bolts per side.

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