Project Toyota Supra Mark IV: Part 12 – Corbeau RRB seats!


Once installed, Project Supra’s interior was transformed.

Here’s another look. I definitely like the interior’s new all black look better. Plus, the seats themselves appear to be a much newer design, which gives the car’s interior a more updated look.

From the outside it’s evident the new Corbeau RRB seats provide a great look that’s not too loud simultanously. Not only do these seats improve the car aethetically, but they also get the job done with comfort, lateral support, and even reducing weight. Speaking of weight, our factory Supra seats weighed in at 49-lb apiece, meaning we saved over 40 total pounds on the car, and with comfortable recliner seats!
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the blue CR1s and black RRBs installed from above.


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