Project Toyota Supra Mark IV: Part 14 – Precision Turbo’s GEN2 PT6870 CEA turbo!


Coming from a 6766 with a 1.15 divided housing, we figured trying out a divided housing with a 1.00 aspect ratio would help control any unwanted lag from going up in turbo size.

Compared to our PT6766 CEA, the GEN2 PT6870 CEA features a CEA turbine wheel that’s 4-mm larger than before. So we should see significant more power at less boost.

The CEA technology is featured in both the hot and cold sides, offering significantly more horsepower over similarly sized turbos. This turbo is rated at 1,100 hp. That’s right, somehow PTE figured out a way to provide the spool of a 68-mm turbo while providing the power of today’s 74-mm equivalent turbo. In fact, the 6870 is rated 85hp above the PTE7275 CEA, and just 100hp shy of the PT7675 CEA!

Here’s a close-up of the GEN2 CEA comparessor wheel machined from a 2618 aluminum forging. Unlike the 67-mm compressor wheel of the PT6766 CEA, which features six blades, the GEN2 PT6870 CEA turbo’s 68-mm compressor wheel has seven. When asked about this, Precision reported that it just ended up that way as part of the overall design. The true reasons behind the ability to make so much power lie in the aerodynamic design of the compressor’s blades.

On the hot side, this is PTE’s answer to bridging the gap between the 66-mm turbine and the 75-mm turbine, which was a pretty big jump in size. The 70-mm turbine falls right in the middle and, while we mentioned earlier that it can flow as well as some current setups with a 75-mm hotside, the GEN2 PT6870 CEA also spools nearly as quick as a ball-bearing turbo using a 66-mm hotside. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

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