Project Toyota Supra Mark IV: Part 14 – Precision Turbo’s GEN2 PT6870 CEA turbo!


Here's a comparison between our previous PT6766 CEA cartridge and the GEN2 PT6870 CEA unit. The main differences between them, aside from the slightly larger compressor and turbine for the new unit on the right, is the aerodynamic changes between the blades. It also turns out the GEN2 PT6870 ended up with a seven-blade design for the compressor instead of six blades for the unit on the left.

I was already amazed with our previous PT6766 CEA turbo, and its ability to make so much power from a relatively medium sized package. Our own Supra hit 820 WHP easily at just 29 PSI. In the past to make this kind of power on a Supra, you needed pretty much a 71-mm turbo at this boost level.

But that was the first generation. The GEN2 CEA has gone up yet another level. With the spool of an old school 62-mm compressor, it practically provides the flow similar to that of an old school 76-mm! And the GEN2 PT6870 CEA is still only about 100-150 RPM laggier than a PT6766 CEA dual ball bearing turbocharger.


Here’s a look at the housings. On the right it does say 1.15 AR but we’ll be testing that one later. The 1.00 housing we anticipate using went to Swain Tech for you-know-what.

As we waited for our housing to return from Swain Tech, our new GEN2 PT6870 CEA spent time on the Christmas mantle for all the world visiting the Mazlumian household to see. Even the bassist was amazed by it (the wife was not).

And here is our 1.00 divided housing, all whitened up thanks to Swain Tech’s “White Lightning” thermal barrier coating. I believe this makes it the seventh turbo I’ve used Swain on in my own cars. I love this stuff.

We hope to perform a 1.00 AR divided vs 1.15 AR divided housing test in the future. We’ll have to send the other one to Swain first.

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