Project Toyota Supra MKIV: Part 6 – 800whp Build Update


A Hypertune intake manifold transforms the look of any engine bay on its own.  In the Supra’s case, it sits much lower and really cleans up the overall look.  There are some issues that will need to be addressed, however, given the large size of the plenum and throttle body location.

First, the fuse box is going to have to be relocated, along with the battery that sits in front of it (but already removed in this picture).  We’ll be doing something about that power steering fluid reservoir with a trick setup that PHR has up its sleeve as well.

With the battery displaced to the trunk, MKC relocated the fuse box to make more room for the Intake manifold.  The PHR power steering stuff is on its way via UPS.

The line coming off the power steering pump is another minor issue.  MKC will have to put a different fitting on there to clear the throttle body wheel.

Since 2004, this car has been riding on Tein Flex coil-overs.  Because the car was sitting for so long, we decided to send them back out to Tein for refreshing.  This is really going to feel like a different car entirely!

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