Project Toyota Tundra Part 10- Suspension by King Shocks



The shock bodies are machined with King's asymmetrical truncated thread design for higher strength and easier spring preload and height adjustments.  The pinch bolt coil adjuster nut offers superior clamping force to retain the spring preload adjustments without denting the threads like set screw style collars do.  This type of collar is way less likely to get stuck and frozen as well.


Our TRD Spec Bilstein shocks worked extremely well but we wanted to increase big bump capacity, wheel travel and to raise the front up a little.  The stock TRD suspension would be a great upgrade to a base level Tundra.  The King shocks are way bigger in diameter and are in another class of strength.


The upper billet adaptor bolts right in place of the stock mounts.


The lower spherical bearing also bolts right in.


The remote reservoirs bolt right in place with these custom for the Tundra brackets.  The kit is super sano and well thought out.  The brackets are zinc plated for rust resistance.


All plumbing and fittings are heavy duty Kevlar covered Aeroquip parts; this stuff will resist kinking and abrasion.


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