Project Toyota Tundra Part 2, TRD Cold Air Intake

Project Toyota Tundra TRD Intake

Project Toyota Tundra Part 2, TRD Cold Air Intake
By Mike Kojima, photos by Jeff Naeyaert

In our last edition of Project Tundra, we discussed why we selected what is now our favorite truck of all time. We basically needed an office hauler, capable of carrying parts, carrying our staff and towing race cars all over the place under all conditions.  It had to tow like a diesel and be reliable like a daily driver.

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So far our Tundra has performed brilliantly, towing race cars across the Desert, whether it's over the notorious Baker Grade in 100 degree weather with the AC blasting or the steep Grapevine in slick sleety rain.  It can climb the steepest hills towing our racers at 70 plus at only a quarter throttle.  It averages a reasonable 15 mpg and is quiet and comfortable.Project Toyota Tundra TRD Intake

With our TRD suspension and brake mods the truck handles surprisingly well on and off road.  With our trailer, it carries race cars, go karts, tools, spares and pit bikes with ease.  Since most race facilities around Southern California are in desolate God forsaken places, stone reliability is a must. Our truck delivers, under the toughest conditions, the water and oil temperatures never waver from their regular positions in the middle of the gauges.

We have spent many a tension filled hour watching temperature gauges, turning off the AC and turning on the heater while surfing the H zone and fighting off detonation in nearly all of our tow trucks at some time or another. Our F150, Ram, Durango and even Titan suffered from differential, transmission and engine heating issues, even when towing well under their rated tow capacity.  It's very worrisome and nothing sucks like turning on the heater on 100 plus degree days!

trd toyota tundra

trd tundra cold air intake
Here is the stock intake system, note the turbulence causing corrugations of the intake tube and the low profile airbox lid.


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  1. Nice article, but confused how you hit 7,000rpm, when rev limit is 6000rpm on the 5.7>? Is it tuned?

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