Project Toyota Tundra Part 2, TRD Cold Air Intake


Project Toyota Tundra TRD Intake
Finally install the intake tube, couplers, clamps and emissions hoses.  You are done!

When we finally got our truck to do a clean pull, the TRD intake delivered pumping out a power increase across the board with a peak increase of 4 hp at 6700 rpm and a gain of 3 lb ft of torque at 5800 rpm.  Our truck pumped out an impressive 302 whp on Technosquare’s conservative Superlfow chassis dyno. The intake had a nice sound, a deep roar only slightly louder than stock.  The power stayed consistent even after several days of driving.  On many late model cars, the ECU tunes out the power gains after a little bit of driving and Toyotas in particular are notorious for doing this.

Project Toyota Tundra TRD Intake
After much trouble, we were finally able to borrow a Toyota scan tool and lock the transmission in 5th gear so we could get a clean pull without the transmission kicking down into a lower gear and ruining the run.  The intake worked well giving a 4 whp and 3 lb/ft of torque gain across the board.

We were hoping that the intake might help our fuel economy but it did not in regular driving although it did help slightly with about a half mpg gain while towing.  In all we were pretty pleased with our intake and the worry free power increase it got us.  Perhaps the best thing is that this intake can be installed and financed by your dealer when you buy your truck, not a bad deal at all.

TRD Tundra Cold Air Intake
All buttoned up with the covers back in place.

We love the idea of hassle free performance parts for late model daily use vehicles and TRD’s well engineered examples are a exactly what we like. We are eagerly awaiting TRD’s release of their Dual exhaust system for our truck.  Hopefully they will see fit to allow us to evaluate one of their vaunted supercharger kits in the future!


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  1. Nice article, but confused how you hit 7,000rpm, when rev limit is 6000rpm on the 5.7>? Is it tuned?

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