Project Toyota Tundra Part 4: Genuine Toyota Accessories


These accessories, unlike aftermarket parts, have to pass Toyota’s stringent validation testing for durability and corrosion resistance.  They are also designed to be exceedingly easy to install.  We picked up some Toyota stainless step rails, a bed extender and a bed step to complement our truck and we can’t say enough about how these few simple parts really made our life a bunch easier!

MotoIQ's project toyota tundra
After the brackets are installed the rail bolts directly to the truck.  4 brackets distribute the load well.

The Toyota step rails are perhaps our favorite part; we were getting really tired of having to literally hop and grab to get into our 4X4 truck.  The Toyota step rails made all the difference here.  They  are made of corrosion resistant brushed stainless steel and are wide enough to give you good footing.  The styling is unobtrusive and doesn’t look gaudy or tacky.  Being brushed stainless they won’t get scuffed or chipped either.  In the areas where you are likely to be stepping, the rails have big textured plastic pads for grip.

 MotoIQ Project toyota tundra
 The stainless steel step bolts to the brackets and you are done.

For small kids like 10 year old Christa Kojima, the step rails make getting into the truck 10x easier.  If you are older or often have to give older passengers rides, the rails are essential if you have a higher profile 4X4 Tundra.   The rails also protect the sides of the truck from rocks and debris kicked up by aggressive off road tires.  They also help fend off door dings in parking lots.

project toyota tundra
For small kids like 10 year old Christa, having the step makes getting in 100% easier.  Actually full size adults will find that the rail helps greatly as well, especially if you have a 4×4.

The rails installed in minutes with just a few tools as Toyota has handily manufactured the Tundra with bolt in hard points that the rails bolt straight to with no drilling, fabricating or fiddling around.  Having bolt on factory hard points means that the vehicle’s corrosion protection won’t be compromised by the install and a safe solid and sanitary installation is super easy.

MotoIQ's project toyota tundra
The bed step makes it easier to get onto the back of the truck.  The bed’s sides are high and the ground clearance on a 4×4 is pretty large so it’s a big help when loading.


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