Project Toyota Tundra Part 4: Genuine Toyota Accessories


MotoIQ's project toyota tundra
When folded up, the step is unobtrusive and you almost can’t notice it.

Next up was the bumper step.  The high ground clearance TRD off road suspension made it sorta hard to step up into the bed and with a workhorse truck like our Tundra, we spend a lot of time loading and unloading stuff into the back.  The step really helped in this respect.  Like the step rails, it bolted straight on in a few minutes.  To use the step, you can just pull it down with your foot.  When done using it, you can just nudge it back up with your foot, folding it out of your way to where it is nearly invisible.  The step is made of sturdy, corrosion resistant cast aluminum.  You can’t believe how much easier this little accessory makes life under daily use if you have a working truck.

christa kojima
The bumper step makes getting into the bed much easier.


MotoIQ's project toyota tundra
When the bed extender is flipped forward, it acts like a bed organizer/divider that helps keep smaller packages from sliding all over the back of the truck.  It can also be easily removed in seconds.
motoiq project toyota tundra
When picking up smaller parts, the bed extender acts like a bed divider keeping stuff from getting flung all over the bed of the truck on the slippery bedliner.  We use this feature almost every day.

Our final cool accessory is the bed extender.  The bed extender is a swiveling tubular tailgate of sorts.  When not in use, it forms a containment area near the tailgate which keeps your smaller cargo close at hand and safe from rolling around in the bed.  It can also be used to organize larger loads.  When you need extra capacity, you simply drop the tailgate and swivel the bed extender onto the lowered tailgate.  This gives you a couple of extra feet of bed length, handy when carrying a lot of stuff or something long like a motorcycle.

MotoIQ's project toyota tundra
Flipped back, it gives the bed quite a bit more capacity, a good thing when carrying motorcycles or karts.

The bed extender can also be removed from the truck in seconds via two quick release latches if you need to load a bike or have to haul something where it would get in the way.  The extender is made of plastic separators and powder coated aluminum tubing for a long and corrosion free service life.  Our bed extender has come in handy when doing race support and a huge load of pit equipment had to be hauled, when go karting and when hauling bikes.  We use it on a weekly basis and it is in our truck’s bed 95% of the time.

MotoIQ's project toyota tundra
Look how much more room there is back there now!

Stay tuned as we keep building our Tundra up to be the ultimate racer’s work and play truck!

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