Project Toyota Tundra Part 8- Upgrading the Brakes with TRD


The caliper has this bolt in bridge assembly to stiffen it.  The brake pad is really long and the bridge assembly helps keep the integrity of the caliper even though there is this long span of empty space across the center of the caliper body.  This ensures a real firm pedal due to a very stiff caliper body.
The caliper has huge pads, really huge with a lot of friction surface area.  The caliper pistons have been sized to keep the stock hydraulic proportioning.  This mean that the factory ABS and stability control will work just fine as designed.  The calipers have stainless abutments to ensure smooth operation as the pads wear.
The TRD kit is very complete with DOT compliant braided steel lines and all hardware needed.  Very concise instructions are included as well.
We gave the truck's rear brakes some attention as well.  We went with a set of Powerslot OEM replacement rotors.  These are high quality, high performance rotors of the stock dimensions.  You can see here that the stock rotors have an integral brake drum for the parking brake. Powerslot rotors are made with high quality dimensionally stable, wear resistant iron alloy with a high carbon and molybdenum content.  The rotor's friction surface is slotted to disperse vaporized brake pad material under hard braking.  The slots also help evacuate water making them work a little better in the wet.  The non friction surfaces of the rotors are e-coated for rust resistance.
The Powerslot rotors have radial vanes to pump air through the rotor helping it cool effectively.  Look how the e-coating extends into the deepest parts of the rotors to prevent rusty water from dripping out.


    1. I think that kit might have been discontinued along with most of TRD’s hard parts. Stoptech made it for TRD and sells it now.

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