Project Toyota Tundra Part 8- Upgrading the Brakes with TRD


The Powerslot rotors are completely machined on all surfaces for better balance and dimensional accuracy.  They are mill balanced to 2 ounce inches.  This makes for smoother operation and less NVH.  We also chose Powerslot's optional cryogenic treatment. Cryo treating is an extension of the heat treat process and converts the austenite in the iron to martensite greatly improving wear.
The rear brakes pads are from TRD.  These heavy duty pads are semi metallic for better high temperature operation.  The TRD pads also are fitted with OEM like anti squeak shims, something that is often overlooked by the aftermarket.
For the rear brakes we went with Stoptech braided steel brake lines to complement the braided steel front TRD lines.  The Stoptech lines are DOT compliant with molded plastic ends to help them pass the difficult whip test.  The braided lines are teflon lined and resist expansion when pressure is applied.  By not ballooning under pressure, they make an improvement in brake pedal feel and firmness.  They also improve ABS operation.

Stay tuned, in our next installment of Project Tundra, we will install our brake system with some really trick superlight Volk forged wheels, some Nitto Terra Grappler tires and some fender flares from Southeast Toyota.






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    1. I think that kit might have been discontinued along with most of TRD’s hard parts. Stoptech made it for TRD and sells it now.

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