Project Trailer Part 2 – Building the Ultimate Open Deck Hauler



 Project Trailer Part 2- Building the Ultimate Open Deck Hauler
 The wingnut, tray and stud as they are supposed to work.


 Project Trailer Part 2- Building the Ultimate Open Deck Hauler
Here is what the tiedown points look like when installed and powdercoated.  The tiedowns swivel to give the tiedown a straight pull that is less likely to come loose.  They also reduce stress on the tiedown.  We put many of these on the deck so they could be used for everything from race cars, to bikes to go karts.


 Project Trailer Part 2- Building the Ultimate Open Deck Hauler
Flush hard to damage LED lights.  If you have owned a cheap trailer before you know how easy the lights break!  Not with these high quality parts!

Our trailer is now ready for the next phase which will include building the lightweight aluminum deck and adding the electric jack, winch and toolbox.  We had a lot of inquires about our trailer's weight because the chassis is pretty beefy, a lot of you were worried about the overall weight.  When done our trailer will weight about 1500 lbs, not too bad.  The aluminum deck saves a bunch of weight over the steel diamond plate decks found on your typical trailer.

Even cheaper trailers have open decks but when we examined those, we were shocked to find shoddy things like U channel partial frames that flex even with the weight of a person!  These trailers will fatigue and fail when carrying cars regularly. We will show you what a cheap trailer is like in the near future.

Stay tuned as our trailer continues to come together!

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