Project Tundra: 5000 Mile Evaluation of Nitto’s New Ridge Grappler Tires!


Our fat 295mm width tire on Volk 20×9.5 TE37X wheels really fill our wheel wells, giving Project Tundra an aggressive look. Even though they are the same size as our previous Terra Grapplers, they are slightly wider and taller. 

The molded rubber ridges on the bottoms of the wide step edged grooves are a feature called stone ejectors. They prevent rocks from getting stuck in the grooves and drilling through the tire. 

Another Ridge Grappler design feature is that the side lugs on the shoulders of the tire are staggered in size and shape. This helps improve off-road traction over a wide variety of surfaces. 

We were amazed at the Ridge Grappler's off-road grip and Project Tundra is more capable off road than most of our friends' trucks. It never seems to come close to bogging down or getting stuck. We have only had to use 4WD a few times with the Terra Grapplers, and we feel that with the Ridge Grapplers, we may never have to in the type of off-roading that we do. 

All of the Ridge Grappler's interesting and easily overlooked tread design features seem to work well together and provide more than decent off road grip, far surpassing the previous Terra Grapplers and the OEM BFG tires before that. 


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