Project Tundra- California Legal High Flow Cats from Magnaflow

Our Project Tundra had had cat problems before. It had a cat function DTC code on bank one at just under 100k miles.  The emissions were still under warranty and Toyota replaced the cats with no problem.  However, at about 140k miles, we had the same code but this time on bank two.  We decided to replace our cats on both sides of the Truck with California smog-legal, high-flow cats from Magnaflow.

It is very difficult for aftermarket cats to achieve smog legality in California, and of course, California does everything in its power to hamper the aftermarket.   However, Magnaflow was able to earn the coveted California exemption order number, EO#D-193-148 for the driver side and EO D-798-14 for the passenger side,  For those of you living in free states, Magnaflow also makes federally certified OEM level cats and regular replacement cats as well for much lower prices.

The difference between the CARB legal, the federal OEM grade, and the replacement cats is mostly the amount of catalyst loading in the ceramic bricks with the CARB approved cats having the most, the Federal cats having a little less, and the replacement cats the least.

It’s sort of odd, but the driver’s side cats had a different shape than the passenger side, this is unique to the CARB-approved model.


  1. In Canada big OEM catatytic converter like this are worth a couple hundred dollar. A lot of people buy them on marketplace. But it is probably against the law in California to sell used coverter….

  2. So EO# D-798-14 does not belong to Magnaflow which is the reason why the catalytic converter cans look different. They could have a cross marketing agreement with AP exhaust, which is why they are using their catalytic converter on their direct fit parts. 75 dollars to recycle your catalytic converter is a joke. if it was only worth 75 dollars catalytic converter thieves wouldn’t be stealing them off vehicles. Magnaflow is making a killing on recycling your old cats.

    1. It’s actually $150 bucks and I don’t really care, was going to throw it away and Magnaflow makes it convenient to get rid of it.

      1. I agree, finding a scrap yard and then getting to it, haggling, and getting whatever they give you is not worth the trouble if you can just send the catalytic converter back. It’s nice to get a little extra moolah on top of it, with $150 you can probably fill the tank on that Tundra from E lol.

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