Victory Functions Functional FR-S Fender Vents

Our friend Cheston is an aerospace engineer during the day, but he also designs and sells functional body kits sold through his company Victory Function when he isn’t working on secret stuff for the defense industry. We have been working on improving the aerodynamics of our Project FR-S.  Our car uses Victory Function’s aero fenders and air guides to reduce wheel well pressure and improve the function of our front splitter while reducing drag.  We are now going to complete all of our fenders aero features with Victory Functions fender vents/air extractors.

Cheston starts off our installation by removing the OEM fender trim from the aero fenders.  They were held on with double stick tape.

Next Cheston cleans off all of the old tape residues from the aero fenders so that the new tape can adhere well.

3M automotive grade double stick tape is used to hold the vents in place just like how the old trim was attached to the aero fenders.  The aero fenders were designed with these large holes in them that line up with the holes in the base of the vents.  This is to allow air to flow from the under-fender area and the cowl.

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  1. There’s probably a significant amount of entrained flow helping the fender vent, similar to an exhaust blown diffuser, the high velocity air flowing around the side is probably helping to suck the air out of the wheel well!

    Nice design!

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