Victory Functions Functional FR-S Fender Vents

The Victory Function fender vents took their inspiration from the fender extractors used by the Nismo R34 GT-R Z Tune.

Here is how the air flows out of the Z-Tune vents.

The Victory Function vents have two extractors, the front one is for the wheel well and the rear one is for the cowl area.  Their shape creates low-pressure zones to hopefully encourage exhaust airflow.  The vents do have more area than the Z Tune R34.

You can see the area of the vent.  You can also see the area of the wheel well vent that we installed earlier.

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  1. There’s probably a significant amount of entrained flow helping the fender vent, similar to an exhaust blown diffuser, the high velocity air flowing around the side is probably helping to suck the air out of the wheel well!

    Nice design!

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