Project Tundra: Fixing the Brakes with Stoptech


The Posi Quiet pads come with a full set of anti rattle clips and hardware that ensures a like new tight fit to the caliper.   This like new fit should guarantee that brake squeal will not be an issue with these pads.
The rotor instructions recommend washing the rotors in a dish washer prior to use to get rid of the anti corrosive oil that the rotors are shipped in.  If any residue gets on the braking surface, it could cause the pads to glaze and not seat in properly. Since we don't have a dishwasher at the palatial MotoIQ Mega Shop we used our solvent tank and then used a few cans of brake clean to get the residue off.
Howard Watanabe first removes the brake caliper from the rear axle.
Next Howard opens the bleeder and pushes the piston of the caliper back in. 
The new brake pads are installed into the caliper with new anti rattle clips.  Look at the dry film lube coated anti noise rear slip plate that comes attached to the pads backing plate.  The Centric pads have a lot of cool details you wont find in cheapo replacement pads.


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