Project Tundra: Fixing the Brakes with Stoptech


The front rotor is a tight fit on the hub.  This helps reduce the chances for vibrations.  To remove the rotor, Howard uses two 10mm bolts in the threaded holes in the rotor to act like a puller to get the rotor off the hub.
Howard cleans the rust of the hub, this helps ensure that there will be no vibrations.
Howard installs the new rotor and re-installs the caliper that has been fitted with new anti rattle clips and new pads. Finally the caliper bridge is re-installed. 
After bleeding with Motul 660 brake fluid our refreshed brakes are ready to go.  The TRD rotors have a semi rough unidirectional finish to help speed the bedding in process.  Like the Stoptech rear brake rotors they are also made of high carbon-molly iron alloy and are e-coated for rust resistance of non friction surfaces.

After installing the brakes we went and carefully bedded in our new pads and rotors.  As an interesting note, these pads took a long time to fully bed in and we had to repeat our normal bedding process 3 times before the pads started to work well and we could see that we were getting full rotor contact.

Amazingly even during bedding, there was very little brake dust as usually the bedding process generates a ton of dust, especially on new rotors. We think these pads will go a long way to preserving the anodized finish on our Volk TE37's and reduce our cleaning time!

We did notice that these pads have a noticeably lower initial bite than our high performance TRD pads did and require more pedal effort to stop the truck.  We also notice that these pads are more compressible and have a slightly more mushy pedal than our old pads did.

Take a note that these differences are slight and some drivers might not even notice them once the pads are properly bedded in. Their is still excellent braking power and the brakes are still far superior to stock.

Over the first few hundred miles, we did notice that these pads seem to form a transfer film on the rotors and there is no perceptible rotor wear and very little dust. We think that our new pads and rotors will last quite a while.

We also adjusted our King shocks.  Previously we had our shocks full soft for a nice cushy ride but we took some time and did some shock tuning and have firmed our chassis up quite a bit with little ride penalty. Our truck now rolls a lot less and the stability control activates a lot less frequently. Not only is this a lot less irritating but our brakes will last a lot longer.

Stay tuned, we will next be adding a bigger adjustable rear sway bar by Hellwig to Project Tundra to see if we can continue to reduce stability control intervention and make our truck handle even better!



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