Project Tundra, Leveling it out with a Hellwig Big Wig Air Lift Kit


We opted to get Hellwig's heavy duty compressor designed for high duty cycle frequent use. This sucker has a big piston and a vertical cylinder with a lot of cooling fins and sucks up to 25 amps!  It will set the ride height fast!  We chose this pump because other products we have had experience with took forever to lift a truck.
Hellwig's system has this accumulator tank so the the up and down adjustments can be done very quickly drawing from the high pressure tank as well as the pump.  It doesn't hop up and down like a Lowrider but it can go from high to low in just a few seconds.
The control valve turns the compressor on and off automatically if the pressure drops in the accumulator tank.
The switch panel has a dual needle gauge that monitors the pressure of both air springs independently and allows you to adjust them discretely.   The switches divert more air into the bags when pushed up and bleed air when pushed down.
You can see how they are plumbed here. 
Howard Watanabe first fitted the compressor bracket to the frame rail.  Although this was for a Chevy truck, it actually fit pretty well.  We are just going to have to shorten the U-Bolts.  

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