Project V8 RX-7: Part 10 – Power Steering


One side complete!




For the lower pressure return side of the pump we used Earl’s Pro-Lite -6 hose, 45 and 90 degree -6 hose ends and a -6 to 16mm x 1.5 adaptor fitting for our RX-7 rack. 




The hose is assembled in much the same way the high pressure lines were.




Before attaching the new lines our steering rack got a bath!




Ideally we’d have an O-ring type adaptor on the high pressure side of our rack, instead we’re using a crush washer and a little teflon tape.  We’ll let you know if it leaks!




It’s hard to tell here but the 90 degree fitting on our high-pressure line clears the back of the alternator by only a couple millimeters!  If that didn’t clear we would have probably had to spend a lot more money trying to find a banjo fitting to work on our application.  The low pressure side had more room to work with so we used a 45 degree fitting to angle the line more directly where we wanted it.


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