Project V8 RX-7: Part 8 – The Shifter


There are better ways to block off the hot air coming up through the gaping hole in the transmission tunnel, but not many cheaper!  This Nashua foil tape sticks really well, doesn’t deteriorate and is readily available at Home Depot.

The rubber shifter cap from the original shifter on our Magnum blocks off the rest!

All back together and topped off with a delrin shift knob Howard gave us that belonged to his late brother and our good friend Richie Watanabe.  Project RX-7 will wear it with pride!  Oh and there’s that raggedy 20 year old leather shift boot we mentioned earlier.

Shifting gears, we’re done talking about trannies and ready to play dress up!  (multi-pun intended)

Yeah, so dress up mods aren’t usually within the scope of a MotoIQ project vehicle, but we recently added something that doesn’t increase horsepower, save weight or serve any function other than looking sweet—valve covers!

Holley’s new LS valve covers are available in Natural Cast, Satin, Black Krinkle & Polished.  Black Krinkle is the only way to go…

Honestly, we wouldn’t have thought twice about how our valve covers looked ’til we saw the new LS valve covers from Holley.  The stock covers are buried beneath the individual coil packs and the metal bracket they bolt to so you hardly see them at all. 

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