Project V8 RX-7: Part 8 – The Shifter


Once the coil packs are off 4 bolts hold the valve cover on.  Those 4 bolts and the old (but really still new) gaskets are reused on the Holley covers.

Holley’s new covers eliminate that metal bracket that the coil packs bolt to and they now just bolt directly to the covers.  I’m not sure why GM didn’t just do it like that to begin with and save the cost of that extra bracket—they probably have a good reason though. 

The only caveat to the new covers is that the injector wiring isn’t hidden underneath the metal bracket that held the coil packs on the original covers.  It still looks a lot cleaner though now!  The billet oil filler cap is clean and understated too–just how we like it.

That’s it for the dress up stuff, promise!  The rest of the week we’re all business!

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