Project White 5.0 Liter Mustang – Bolting on More Power with Borla Long Tube Headers


After taking everything out of the way and slightly lifting up the motor, the headers finally slot into place. The wide DOHC Coyote head makes things a lot harder.  This was the hardest header installation that Howard or I had ever done.  We could probably do this a second time pretty quickly now that we know what to do.
Thank god they are in!
We thought we were going to have to make an O2 sensor jumper harness but we found that there was plenty of extra harness rolled up and taped out of the way almost as if the factory was planning to do this.  We had to slightly shorten the Borla X pipe since the headers were a lot longer than the stock manifolds but this was no big deal.
The complete Borla system is a shining stainless steel piece of art.  It is beautiful to the eye, too bad it's underneath the car!
The headers smoothly transition to the X pipe.  Look at all the nice mandrel bends.  We might have bitched about how hard it was to install the headers but please remember two things.  All long tube headers are going to be at least this hard to install no matter what brand.  Long tube headers are essential if you plan modding the car beyond these basic bolt on stages.
Borla provided this heat insulation to protect some of the evaporative emissions system hoses that go near the larger exhaust.  It is the orange sleeves you can see here.

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