Project White 5.0 Liter Mustang – Bolting on More Power with Borla Long Tube Headers


Time to dyno Project Mustang.  The first thing we noticed was oh my god is this car loud!  With the headers Project Mustang is perhaps the loudest car we have ever tested.  It sounds like a Pro Stock car or something, well actually some of the only cars that are louder are pro stock cars and maybe racing 2 rotor Mazdas.  Even though it's loud, it is a good loud reminiscent of a NASCAR race car.  The X pipe gives the rumble a high revving higher pitched sound that sounds like performance. 
Wow, the Borla long tube headers rock!  The headers gave a peak power gain of 13 hp with gains of 15 hp in places of the powerband.  Torque was increased as much as 20 lb/ft.  Power was incresed from idle to the redline with no losses anywhere.  Gains were minimal around the 4000-4500 range but big everywhere else. The long tube headers made much more power than any single mod we have done to date!  We can tell that the A/F ratio is off slightly and the car needs some ECU tuning.  With ECU tuning the gains will be much greater.
Our power gains since inception are quite impressive for bolt ons.  Other Mustang tuners claim a lot bigger numbers but you have to remember our dyno is quite conservative.  We have gained 27 hp peak hp since we started and more than 31 hp in some parts of the powerband. We have gained 31 lb ft of torque with great hp and torque gains throughout the powerband.  There are huge fat under the curve gains.  We will get even more with ECU tuning.

We were very impressed with Borla's long tube headers, our only complaint is that there are no instructions for a pretty difficult install.  The headers quality and performance gains are great. We feel that Borla's headers are a great bang for the buck that will nicely complement our upcoming mods.

Stay tuned, in coming segments of Project Mustang we will be evaluating a slew of parts from Ford Racing starting with some front end geometry correction parts and ending with a bunch more parts to get serious naturally aspirated power from our Coyote motor all built and engineered by the Ford factory.


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