Project White 5.0 Liter Mustang- Getting More Easy Power with an AEM Intake!


We strapped Project Mustang down to see what she would do. For a baseline run, the Coyote laid down 311 whp and 287 lb/ft of torque.  If this seems somewhat low, remember our Superflow dyno is pretty conservative and reads lower than your typical Dynojet.  It is the change you want to see more than just raw numbers.
With the AEM intake in place we saw an immediate gain of both power and torque. The Coyote now made 319 whp and 302lb/ft of torque. Gains of 5-10 hp and 6-12 lb/ft of torque were found just about everywhere in the useable powerband.  This is nice power making a good under the curve gain.  Area under the curve is what accelerates your car more than just peak numbers. The power gains were stable and repeatable.

We were very pleased with the results of our AEM intake installation.  The AEM intake was a quick and easy to intall project, a good bang for the buck!  Stay tuned, we will be testing some exhaust goodies from Borla next!


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