PTP Turbo Blanket Sale!

PTP Turbo Blanket Sale! 


Normally, PTP would tell you to “Beat the Heat” with one of their turbo blanket applications, but the Winter weather has decided to stick around this year. Unfortunately, they have not yet made a turbo blanket big enough to crawl inside of–yet. Despite the lack of human-sized blankets, PTP Turbo Blankets is having a 15% off sale that is sure to keep both your wallet and your turbo warm. 



Porsche 996 and 997 applications for Porsche 911

These one-of-a-kind applications cater to the sophistication and raw power of the Porsche 996 and 997 engines, especially the 997 application, whose cut and design is intended specifically to accommodate the stock variable geometry twin turbos.



BMW N54, N63, S63 Applications

These twin-turbo blankets have been designed by the top brass to insulate their respective engine models and stock twin turbochargers. For example, the S63 will comfortably protect your M5 or M6 stock twin turbos.



ATP GT30/35 EG Turbo Blanket 

One of PTP’s most popular items is the turbo blanket for the Subaru WRX/STI, but the ATP Subaru GT30/35 turbos need more coverage than the WRX/STI application can give it all while working around that external wastegate. Enter the ATP Subaru GT30/35 EG application. 



Holset HX35 Application

This particular Holset application has been designed to fit around that square flange of the HX35 turbocharger, sometimes found stock or as an OEM replacement on older 24 Valve 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel (1995-2002) engines.



BorgWarner K04 Application

This turbo blanket fits a variety of engines and is popular among Volkswagen enthusiasts. Members of (among others) said, “After holding this turbo blanket in my hands last night, I could tell how high quality the cuts/stitching/filling/molding was.” 

In addition to coverage for the K04 turbo of the Volkswagen 2008-2012 Golf GTI 2.0L the BorgWarner K04 blanket also has you covered for Audi 2.0L engines like the 2008-2012 A3, 2008-2009 TT, and 2009-2012 TT Quattro.



Shelby Cobra Exhaust Sleeves

Ever pulled up to a meet, show, or Sunday coffee excursion in your shiny AC Cobra or Cobra replica, stepped out of the car and touched that precious skin on the back of your leg on that hot side-exhaust pipe? The PTP Shelby Cobra Exhaust Sleeves come in both mini and full size to protect you and your passengers from those “snake-bites”, and, once the sleeve and pipe have cooled, the sleeve can be removed to show off those shiny chrome exhausts at shows and meets. 


Visit to explore these sale items, get heat ratings, and specific vehicle application details. Got questions? PTP staff is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm central time from almost-sunny and less-cold Austin, Texas.




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