R35 GT-R – LA Auto Show 2007

Yesterday I went to the press day for the LA Auto Show with the VP and my manager at Cosworth. It was nice because there were very few people and there’s free coffee, drinks, and food from most of the manufacturers. The new GT-R was there and it was getting raped by people because you could sit in it. I didn’t get a chance to sit in it. I sat in some of the Ferraris though. Ferrari’s are the shit! Anyhow, here are some pics:



Retarded mouth action going on here…


This part looks pretty good. I like the edges.


The rear looks pretty buff.


Functional aero promotes downforce and engine bay cooling.


The rear quarter view looks pretty damn buff. Imagine it slammed with 21″ wheels. Stock wheels are 20×9.5 and 20×10.5 already.


A definite clusterfuck to work on. There’s two of EVERYTHING.




Here’s the rear diffuser. I stuck the camera under the rear bumper and took this. I felt like I was sticking the camera up a chick’s skirt.


There isn’t much room for anything let alone your hands.


In person the car looks really good. This one was even left hand drive. It’s strange to see a LHD GT-R. I would say the styling’s a bit controversial, but maybe we’ll get used to it. In the styling department I would say the 911 and Corvette Z06 beats the GT-R. In the performance department it looks like the GT-R will take the 911TT, but not the Z06. The Pratt & Miller C6R Corvette was also on display. I think the Z06R will smoke the shit out of the GTR though….we’ll see.

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