R35 GT-R – Chiat Day

Yesterday in Marina Del Rey was a up close and personal with the R35 day hosted by the guys at Edmunds. It was a good turn out with many socal GT-R owners present. There were also many GT-R worshipers (Evo, STi, and all other Japanese car owners) present which is good. 2 new R35 GT-Rs, a bunch of previous GT-Rs, free T-shirts, free pizza, and good conversation with other GTR enthusiasts were the order of the day. Mike Kojima, Steve Mitchell, Sean Morris, Dave Coleman, and a couple of other guys who care and do this shit for a living were also present. Even the infamous Kim Johnson showed up with his BNR34 on DOT legal Hankook road racing semi-slicks. You know why we all showed up? Because the R35 is fucking bad ass.


Lot’s of people.


Lot’s of people jockin’.


Lot’s of GT-Rs.


AF WC BNR34 race car.


Red looks way better than silver if you ask me. Kosta’s BNR34 in the background that XS built. If you see him on the street just give up trying to race. It is the makes 574whp on 2530’s with the widest powerband known to man. The powerband is so wide that it will smoke a 650whp GT-RS car up to probably around 160mph. Beware…don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Micheal’s BNR32. It’s currently in drag trim.


16×8 TE37s on a GT-R? You thought it was 1990 until you saw the drag radials.

There were many other nice cars, but I was talking to people most of the time and didn’t get to snap too many pictures. After the event, I left and got on the 405N and saw the world’s cleanest GC8 Impreza coupe (that’s old style for you non WRX people). It had 22B style fender flares in blue and I believe gold Advan RG wheels. It was so clean I had to give the guy a thumbs up and I never do that. You don’t see too many clean modified cars in West LA. You’re going broke just trying to pay the rent…

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