SEMA 2007 – Pro-Motion Party at Risque

The 500 whp XS built Arizona BNR34 Skyline GT-R owner’s club Brett and Jimmy and Troy and I went to the Pro-Motion Distributing party at Risque at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas this past SEMA. As usual it was a fag party since automotive related industries are dominated by males. Since SEMA is a trade show, you can’t expect it to be any different. It’s not like a shoe, clothing, or porn trade show where the industry is dominated by females. So anyway, my buddy Jimmy had more than a couple of run & cokes and proceeded to go ape shit with my camera. Here are the results – gogo dancers are fun to watch when you drink.





Sasha Singleton

pro5.jpg pro9.jpg




There’s Jimmy with some of the talent.


This was going on at our table and that’s me to the right enjoying the show if you know what I’m saying. The pixelation is to protect the identity of these proper ladies. Jimmy’s pretty quick with the camera.

If you’re conservative you might say, “That’s messed up how you posted these pics up.” Tough shit, don’t read this blog then. It’s obvious none of these girls are marriage material so enjoy them now while their young. These chicks were all good sports and posed for Jimmy. I think we need more women like this in the world anyway. Good times.

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